The Moreton Creative logo

Doctors, it is said, can be the worst patients. The same is true for website designers being their own worst clients – especially when you throw just a pinch of perfectionism into the mix.

The task then, to create a brand, identity, and a website for your own company shouldn’t be that easy, considering the above sentence to be true.

Indeed, it took well over a month with a few hours on most days dedicated to hunting for inspiration, trying to find a theme, colour palette, look and feel, and then finally a sense of direction to work from. There were three chosen logos before the one that was settled on and is in use now, and each time I chose one I slept on it, and then started all over again knowing that I wasn’t happy.

It should be pointed out at this stage that any client work I take on does not usually take this long, it’s my unrelenting standards that get in the way!

The first logo

This very first logo took me five minutes to make, and it shows:

This logo was exactly how I envisaged it, but the detail of the brand, identity, and how it was going to be used in-context on a website, on printed media meant that this was a non-starter.

Finding the direction

The inspiration for the company brand and logo that I settled on came from the company name itself, or at least, the initials for Moreton Creative – “MC”.

“MC” on it’s own is nothing special, but I liked the idea of a monogram logo:

A monogram logo is a decorative design made up of a combination of one to three overlapping letters (traditionally three) to create a single symbol. Monogram logos are commonly used to represent the initials of a person or business. The letters in this logo style may also be combined with imagery to illustrate the concept of the brand further. [source: logojoy]

Early Sketches and Designs

logo sketches

The fun part was putting this together on the screen, and playing with a few concepts:

Moreton Creative Logo Designs

There were certainly some interesting concepts in there – and I nearly went for the top left one in the circle – but there was something about the bottom right one that needed exploring. I liked it.

The finished logo

I loved the idea of it all falling in to place so smoothly. A simple monogram, in monochrome (one colour). with the M for Moreton at the forefront and the C for Creative emerging from behind, as though it was coming into view. I had a winner.

Here is the finished logo and in context on my business card:

The business card:

business card

Design and art is subjective – so whilst I know this design won’t set the world alight and win prizes – I’m overjoyed with it. It does what my brief set out, which was to create a simple but effective logo – if there was a talking point and solid reasoning behind it – then all the better.


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